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Q) Does Coast Beach Tan have a storefront location?

A) No, We come to your home, office or desired location.. this allows us to reduce overhead cost and pass the savings onto our clients. ❤️

 Q) What can I expect from Coast Beach Tan mobile tanning services? 

A) First, we will identify ourselves with our ID’s or Certified Tech card.

  1. We will find a safe location to set up our equipment. (A room free from rugs and is spacious enough to set up tent, equipment and we have room from ceiling & walls or valuables.

2. We then prep your skin with barrier cream, PH Balance, offer disposables undergarments and supply protective eyewear, hair cover and nose plugs. 

3. Afterwards, application of solution begins with an HVLP airbrush gun; this allows a flawless application for a gorgeous color. 
Smoothing, we use a mobile hose or handheld dryer to set application of solution. At times we will Re-apply to certain areas in the event we need to blend color or reapply lightly, to assure even coverage or to reach a deeper shade. Re-dry, and the process is complete 

Q) How long does a session take?

A) It varies depending on which service you choose; set up, prep & process and packing up equipment...ranges from 30 to 45 mins approximately.   

Q) What All is included in price? 

A) Our pricing caters to nearly everyone's budget and to match your specific tanning needs. Excellence, convenience, comfort and even greater privacy is an extra benefit. Check out our service menu for a complete price breakdown. 

Q) I am pregnant, is it safe to spray tan?

A) For safety concerns of mom & baby, we ask that you provide a physicians approval letter prior to a spray tan service. 

Q) What is the recommended time to schedule spray tan services before my wedding?

A) We will accommodate you, but we also recommend to be at least 2 weeks out for a spray patch test, if never spray tanned before. Otherwise, 2 to 3 days prior, this way all bronzers are rinsed away & you are picturesquely ready on your Wedding Day!!

Q) Do I need to be slightly covered or not wear anything? 

A) Truly, this is a clients preference. In the event you choose to wear undergarments, we provide disposable ones. 

Q) How far will Coast Beach Tan travel?

A) Currently we will travel up to 45 miles, any location outside of Gulfport 45 miles & up, will be charged according to location. 
If you have further questions, please call, text or email us.

Coast Beach Tan, LLC. reserves all rights to refuse service to anyone. Mobile spray tan service Hassle free Save time & privacy. We are proud to be a part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.