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Chronic skin conditions, scars, stretch marks and cover up tattoos. 

* Results can vary, based on individual skin type, age and extent of problematic area *

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Why Spray Tans

Coast Beach Tan is set apart from the rest because we take the time to know your uniqueness in skin care. We combine our spray tan sessions with science of skin and advanced technology to always give clients optimal beauty & radiancy. 

Achieved by premium service of pre and post spray tan care and top of the line solution application. Our solutions offer customizable shades as well as being safe to apply to all skin types. All solutions used are organic. 

DHA is also known as Dihydroxyacetone, DHA is the active ingredient found in all sunless tanning products, a simple carbohydrate that is a primarily used ingredient in sunless tanning products. It is often derived from a plant source such as sugar beet. DHA does not make your skin cells darker in pigment, but rather reacts with the proteins and amino acids found in the top layer of your skin to create a darkening effect or “sunless tan“ (credit to Norvell).

Results give an extraordinary beach glow affect as well as an esthetically pleasing look. Studies have found that spray tanning even helps us look more fit. Above all else, it reduces the risks of UVA & UVB sun damage, skin cancer, premature aging and pigment irregularities. 

Spray Tans vs tanning beds

Facts: Melanoma is now the most common and deadliest form of cancer in women age 25 - 29. Ditch tanning beds or use them sparingly as well as always using eye protection...ALWAYS❤️ For further information & evidence please read article from the melanoma foundation Why is tanning dangerous.

We at Coast Beach Tan believe in preserving the skin and are passionate about providing safe alternatives to Tanning. (Note: sunless spray solutions applied do not protect from the sun)

Award winning natural ingredients chosen by top professionals safe for all skin types nourishing

100% Satisfaction

We are so certain that you'll fall in love with our solutions as much as we have. We guarantee your tan results, 0% orange color, 100% gorgeous. Our satisfaction guarantee is straightforward, it will provide the customized shade desired and will deliver one of the most natural looking sun kissed tans around. Yes, we are that confident in our Norvell product line. If for any reason you are unhappy with the color results or shade choice after all care instructions have been followed (3 day policy) within the development specifications of solution used at time of application.

 We will offer our clients the choice to try a different shade, on us, for FREE or our full money back guarantee of session. (conditions do apply, i.e. any skin issues that can adversely effect results has been disclosed @ time of consultation) all details are provided to client at the time of service, within our client recommendations agreement. Please feel welcomed to contact us to ask us about our guarantee or services.

We love our clients and understand the investment that you make choosing us as your spray tan service. We believe in building a Trustworthy value with everyone, no exceptions, rather we serve you routinely or once a year, you, our client, our priority.

We are an insured & licensed business, certified and recognized technicians with NSTPA & NTTI. Member of PBA, AAD and Vitamin D Foundation.


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About Coast Beach Tan

 We our so happy to be a part of the Southern charm & pride in the heart of Gulfport. We believe in Premium customer service in an advanced level of customer service that extends beyond basic service activities to include a more personalized and customized sunless tanning approach ( such as; hollywood tans, airbrush) that create a customer-centric experience with the added convenience of us coming to you. and posh, professional services with spa like experience. Sign up today & be the first to know!! In real-time... and never miss a great deal!!  

Coast Beach Vibes

As we celebrate people who make a difference everyday. Please celebrate with us, share a story or thanks to those who care and really help make our community a better place to live.

Our Mission

 Coast Beach Tan was born in 2018, founded out of motivation and passion for artistry & ultimately cosmetic beauty for the entire body. Our motivation is in preserving the skin...of course aging gracefully has its own set of values, however, we are about aging well and defying the conventional standards...Our philosophy is finding the best-quality products, advanced technology & techniques, with the science of skin and putting it into one cohesive service.   

Being a part of the beauty industry as a spray tan body artist means more to us than just adding multiple services, we are specialist in the art of spray tans & contouring bodies. Boosting confidence and Smiles all over Mississippi & beyond soon...

What matters to Coast Beach Tan, LLC 

 Here at Coast Beach Tan we see spray tans as not just an industry for applying color for a fake tan, It is seen also as a cosmetic fix that is very attainable to all - “A lovely shade, for Every Body”. I love this aspect too, a way of capturing the essence of natural beauty; while putting a twist of enhancement to it...sculpting the body in just a way..it magnifies muscle as it minimizes the appearance of scars, stretch marks and any skin imperfections to deliver the ultimate all-over beauty. Benefits to a spray tan is that the color does make us look younger and more fit; as well as saving our skin from sun damage, while it evens out skin tone...giving the truest potential for glamourous results. One of my most cherished rewards is seeing my clients million dollar smiles after a spray tan session.. It ignites my passion even more...a true personal favorite..of course the hugs are equally awesome!! 

 Coast Beach Tan, LLC takes time, dedication, research and study to find and offer the best results for every BODY. We research all products and choose only top of the line; such as Norvell, Sjolie, Temptu airbrush makeup...these products are skin food, quite literally. Our goal is to objectively raise the bar in the spray tanning industry by  specializing in the cosmetic color of the body. Coast Beach Tan has created a new way to optimize the skin care regimen, with quality technique, tips & products all integrated with professional and convenient ways to provide a spray tan service..Coast Beach Tan offers comfortable premium customer service with a mini posh spa feel delivered to clients locations being homes, offices or hotel. The benefits to our clients is our connection to our genuine value in client investment and best results driven services, Delivering on unparalleled matching of color individually and boosting clients level of confidence each and every time..& as promised, if it isn't right..we fix it. 


How are we different?

 Coast Beach Tan is set apart from the rest, because we take the time to know each individual's uniqueness in skin care. We combine our spray tan sessions with science of skin and advanced technology to always give clients optimal beauty & radiancy. Achieved by knowledge, premium service of pre and post spray tan care and top of the line solutions for application. Our solutions offer customizable shades as well as a natural tanned esthetic; thus, beneficial and safe for all skin types.  

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"She is fun and awesome with great prices and services!" 

"She is passionate about her company and the products." 

"The owner is awesome!"

She is passionate about her company and the products. Very knowledgeable about making sure you take the right steps to achieve a beautiful result. Can not wait to see what else she offers and looking forward to seeing her business 

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